Friday, January 9, 2009


Here I am, two days after my 23rd birthday: laying, sick, in bed!! It's interesting how sometimes a mild illness or sickness forces you to take the proper care of yourself; as of late, I've been sleeping less, drinking more, and basically burning the candle at both ends, so this is a nice change of pace. I spent last night and most of today watching movies, reading, looking at inspiring photography on-line; all things I love to do but have not been doing. I look at it kind of like a birthday gift to myself, which I'm aware sounds weird, I'm giving myself permission to take some time alone to reflect and relax.
It's a new year, I just turned 23, and change is on the horizon; I feel great!


  1. Thats that healthy birthday cake! hahaha....just slow down on the drinking man. 23 can be a good year if you allow it to be. The first half of my 23rd was ok....but I feel the second half is going to be amazing.

    By the way, I totally forgot you had a blog....I am so retarded! hahahaha....