Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting Away

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had weekend plans for a camping trip with my buddy Corey. It was a awesome change of pace; we headed out to the Salton Sea on friday evening, after I got back from Grad-Review (I'm all cleared for graduation!!). We stopped, on the way out of town, to grab some film, food, and the bare essentials. The drive down went well, considering how much traffic you encounter on a friday evening in LA. We listened to the Lakers destroy the Denver Nuggets, talked about and listened to good music, and caught up on each other's  life and photography. When we got into the region in which we were going to camp we stocked up on firewood and plenty of lighter fluid and headed for camp. The tent went up without a hitch and the fire was blazing and roaring in no time. The high 70-degree weather made for an absolutely solid sleep, all the way through the night and I woke up shortly after sun-rise feeling rested and ready to take on the day. We spent the day exploring deserted buildings, decaying trailer parks and we even made it out to Slab-City! All-in-all, the get away was much needed and it was a fantastic way to spend my weekend!

Corey and I made the commitment to exclusively  shoot film so, unlike prevoius posts, I wont have to many images to share with you at this point; the rolls of film haven't gone out for processing yet but I did shoot  couple of polaroids of corey and one of a line-up of outdated photo booths.


  1. Yes! Best trip of 2009 for sure!!! I had so much fun Jesse! You and I must do more of this. Come on.....soooo easy!

  2. haha it really was so easy and we will be doing more of this for sure!