Friday, February 27, 2009

As Fate Would Have It....

So what do you know? The very day after I eat kangaroo, I am hanging at the condo, after a day at the beach, and the landlord comes and asks us if we want to see a couple of Kangaroos; we were all way into it and so we ran outside and his mother-in-law was holding two joeys. She asked us if we wanted to hold them and we all took turns passing them around. When it was my turn to hold one my heart melted, it was so soft and docile and it kept kissing me; I felt so guilty about the previous nights meat-sampling.

Later in the evening Seton, Mike and I went to barbeque on the river, hosted by a close family friend of Mike. it was fantastic; they were an awesome family and the occasion was full of laughter. During the barbeque a friend of Mike and Seton, Skippy, showed up; he had just gotten in from Brisbane and is staying with the guys for the weekend. We all hung out for a bit and then all four of us spilt to go to another barbeque, hosted by a friend Nick. That was a lot of fun and ended with us all splitting off to go to a couple of bars in town. I was the designated driver and had my first experience driving a right-hand-drive car, on the left side of the rode. It was really counter-intuative but I managed just fine; I'm glad to have done it because it's another cool story to tell.

All-in-all, I'm having a great time. I'm meeting great people and having fun adventures.

P.S. I'm probably never going to eat Kangaroo again!


  1. those pics are great! Sounds like a lot of bbqs down under

  2. Yeah, ton's of barbeque spots all over the place; it's just the thing to do!