Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jumping Back In

I have regrettably lost touch with blogging; it's completely been lacking in my life and I've missed it. I think I became slightly disenfranchised with computers over summer-break, which hasn't been too long. I've also been battling a serious cold for the past few weeks and I quite honestly, haven't been getting into too many exciting activities. I had a great Fourth of July, however; I went to an awesome gathering which required the sporting of faux facial hair. Beyond that, I have been getting plenty of bed-rest and trying to nurse myself back to health. I really miss being able to be active; I miss riding bicycles like crazy!! I really feel like I'm turning a corner though; I can slowly feel symptoms dissipate and there's only minor congestion coupled with low energy and strength.

Tonight was spent in a recording studio with the band The Harm, who are great friends of mine; They'll be spending all of tomorrow recording eight tracks for part of a series where they will be releasing four mini-EP's with four tracks each. I'm really excited that they're getting back in the studio and I'm super pumped to be able to witness and document the process. I'll be shooting still photographs as well as filming video; I'm even going to shoot some 35mm film and maybe some polaroids! Like I said, I just got back from the studio, where they spent a little over 5 hours setting up with the producer, working on yielding the ideal tones and getting everything laid out... I primarily focused on getting video footage but managed to squeez a couple of stills out of the deal. Here are a few images....

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