Monday, July 13, 2009

Macaframa: The Film

When something is created by blending multiple facets of ones passions the potential to create something remarkable becomes a tangible possibility. Being passionately involved in image-making and cycling are, in my opinion, two of the best things in the world and tonight I've been inspired by two guys from San Francisco who've blended their love of cycling and image making together to create something truly amazing.

Colin Arlen and Colby Elrick, of Macaframa Films, have spent the last three years putting together an awesome film that's become a household name in the cycling world; Macaframa. The story of their journey to completing the production of this piece is inspiring; the passion that drove all of these people to come together and join in the birth of this film rings clear from the moment you lay eyes on the DVD's packaging and presentation. The film features beautifully composed and captured footage of an extremely talented and dedicated crew of cyclists tearing through the streets of San Francisco's cityscape. From the beginning of the film, right up until the end, there is so much that excited me; the aesthetic of the film, the skill of the riders, the angles of capture, the flawless editing, the hectic nature of the riding, and the triumph of each rider, as an individual, all combine seamlessly and beautifully.

I can't say enough about my range of emotions during my first time watching the film; there's so many aspects of the experience of watching this film and so many stimulating elements to take in. I remember just being blown away by the cleanness and simplicity of the opening scene and then BOOM, the pace just picks up and I'm immediately thinking "These dudes are killing it! They make me feel like I suck at riding bikes!" The transitions, from rider to rider, are unique every time and really visually interesting. All-in-all, I'd really recommend creating the opportunity to watch this film ASAP; I'm really stoked that I did and I can't wait to crack into Disc 2 to check out all the extra goodies!


  1. Jesse Im so glad you liked it I just find it so sad that i ordered it so long ago and you saw it before me cause it was at orange 20 im glad the movie is good though... I guess they make amazing movies and horrible business people

  2. Grab a pillow, the "extra goodies" on disc-2 are a real snooze compared to the nap of a main feature on disc-1.

    Yes, the cinematography was excellent and the guys ride some pretty steep shit, but I'm not sure that was worth $40...

    In addition, I think the way they blow through some of those intersections sends out an unsafe OK message to all the youngsters who are not smart enough to realize doing so is terribly dangerous.