Friday, April 24, 2009

Back On The Home-Turf

So I've been back in the US for less than 24 hours and it feels vastly different from the past two months. It's been fantastic seeing my family and friends; catching up on what I've been doing and hearing what they've been into. It's been difficult sleeping; my sleep-cycles are all whacked out so I haven't been able to sleep, uninterrupted for very long. I went for a walk this morning and noticed how big and expansive everything felt. There are so many stretches of pavement with nothing on it. There are cars everywhere and I can read every sign! It's been funny striking up conversations with strangers or making quick remarks or comments; sometimes it starts off with a Japanese greeting and then I soon realize that it doesn't work like that anymore! I think having the luxury of being able to clearly communicate with most everyone I've seen this morning has led me to strike up a conversation with anyone who will make eye-contact with me.
I gather that, through my travels, I really found a higher value on human interaction and communication, as a whole. I look forward to each time I will meet with a friend, I look forward to each phone call, and I treasure each unexpected conversation. It's unarguable that communication and interaction, at this point, is what I missed most and what I now hold in a higher regard.

All-in-all, I can safely say that I miss being abroad but that I'm happy to be home and I'm looking forward to settling back in, for now. I don't have a strong itch to leave yet, but I truly am looking forward to the next adventure.

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