Monday, April 27, 2009

First Weekend Back

Being back home has been absolutely phenomenal, thus far. I've been spending day and night catching up with friends, going to music-shows, attending art-gallery events, and I even squeezed a BBQ into the weekend. I've been telling the same stories, about my great adventure, over and over; it never gets old, I love telling them. I reflect when I tell these stories and I find myself feeling overwhelmingly lucky. I am truly looking forward to each and every day of the coming summer; it's not just a season it's this special time of year where everything is different. People are more social, you find any excuse to stay outside all day, and the warmth of night inspires epically long nights. I feel like I have so much to experience, I feel like there's so much ahead of me, and I can't wait!
I'm definitely missing Japan already, but the joy I take from the things I've been doing as of late have helped to subside the longing for distant places.

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