Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looking Forward

Everyday keeps getting better and yet four days from now and I'll be in the sky, flying back home to Los Angeles. I've had such an amazing time over the past two months. I've got to see so many new things, meet so many amazing people, and do a great deal of things which I'd never done before. This experience has been nothing but good. My struggles with homesickness were short, few and far between. I felt well acclimated to everywhere I was; this whole experience just "felt right." I have been looking forward, with excitement, to coming back home which has been a bit conflicting at first. I struggled with justifying why I was happy to leave this all and return home; how could this be so if I were truly enjoying myself? Well I've come to the conclusion that I'm nowhere near being over this experience or wanting to end it, I'm just looking forward to what awaits me. California summers, college graduations, the beginning of my adult life. All of these things are wildly monumental and just within reach. In no time flat, I'll be beyond those milestones and on to something else. Perhaps I'll be back in Australia or Japan or somewhere entirely different. It's fully possible to do whatever one wants, wherever one wants; One just needs the will and desire. Hard work, determination and openness just might take care of the rest.

It's all happening!

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