Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Day In The Big City

I've been away from the computer for a few days running now, with the exception of checking facebook. I shot the shoot, that I mentioned in my last blog, on Wednesday night; it went really well and the team that I worked with on the shoot were amazing. I spend the next couple days editing, going to the beach, and cutting loose with the boys and a couple of Swedish backpacker girls that have been staying with us. Today I took advantage of an opportunity to catch a ride down into Brisbane and cruised the city by myself. It was quite a day; I walked all over the place, non-stop, for 6 hours straight. I almost got arrested for trespassing onto police property, which was a little unsettling; I was trying to throw some trash away into a rubish bin that caught my eye and I tripped a motion detecter that tripped an alarm; before I knew it, three cops rush out of the back door of the station and I'm being questioned. It all went over okay but it left me feeling kinda crummy. Within an hour I came up on a free hug in South Bank and I was good.

Being in a remote village has been making me feel like I'm in a distant exotic place and being in a big city, today, made me feel like I was in familiar territory again; it felt a little like being home...

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