Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, I'm getting ready to jump in bed and it's 1:30 in the afternoon. Two days back, I made a solo-mission to Osaka, which went quite well. I jumped on the JR line, here in Takatski, where I met an American who teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu, in Osaka. Steve and I chatted, quite extensively on the train and I ended up cruising to lunch with him. He was a super cool dude, who was raised in the Philippines, up to the age of 8, moved to New York and then spent his teen years in North Carolina. He's been in Japan for over 15 years, so he is a valuable contact to have, without question.
I cruised to his Dojo afterward and hung out for a while, before I stepped back out, on my own, and went to one of the largest camera stores in Osaka, Yodobashi Camera. It was like disneyland for photographers; they had any and any piece of equipment or camera accessory that one would ever want! I caught the express train back to Takatsuki, fairly early, because a group of Luke's Australian mates (who are days away from moving home) had a music gig at a local bar that I had planned to go to. The scene was rad, there were heaps of Japanese students, of Luke's, as well as a whole lot of Australians. It made me realize how much I dug on Australia and Australians. Great people, and a great atmosphere. We charged it, all night, until around 5:30 am and then we decided to jump on a train to Osaka-Jo (Osaka Castle), which is one of the most large and pristine castles in the Kansai region. We went with the expectation of viewing cherry-blossoms, in bloom, which we did see; but not on the scale that we would've hoped for. The good news is I have over three more weeks to cruise back and work out better timing; I am really looking forward to it!
I've really been getting stoked on the Japanese language, and as much as I lament not studying more intensively, before I came, I'm very inspired to figure out a way to get jozu (good) with my Nihongo (Japanese)!

Again, I'm going to cut this blog a little short, because It's now 1:40 pm and it's about high time that I get some sleep. The fact that I cant elaborate, at this time, is rather unfortunate because I have been hanging out with some of the coolest people; I will definitely be posting another blog, after my slumber, accompanied with photographs from our outing to Osaka-Jo.

Until the next time...

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