Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wrapping it up...

So I've officially been in Noosa For two full weeks now and it's coming to an end in the next few days. There's been a pretty gnarly tropical cyclone that's disrupted the flow of things here; we have been watching way to much television!!! I've decided to pull stakes and head to a new destination. I'll be traveling to Sydney this coming Saturday to hang out in the city for a few days. I'll be staying with some friends from Seton, who actually grew up where I did; they all went to the local all-girls high school less than five miles from my house. I'm stoked how the traveling network works; I know someone who knows someone so now I've got a place to stay and people to hang out with; it's great! After spending a few days in Sydney I'll be flying to Melbourne to hang out with my friend Lex and tour the city. I'm really excited about adding these extra stops on my trip; Noosa has been great, but I'm naturally drawn to Urban cities and I can't wait to experience these new places.

My flight leaves from Brisbane on Saturday afternoon, so the three of us boys are going to head down to the city on Friday and have a little rager in the Brissy on friday night, to send me off properly. I've missed these guys and it's been incredible spending the last couple of weeks with them but the parting of ways was inevitable.

I'm looking forward to it all!


  1. Fun I am sooo glad that you are having such an amazing experience!! Are you staying with corey and christine weird I miss those girls tell them I say hello from me!! have fun!! <3 Daniela

  2. I hope having a fivesome with your two friends, Amy Rutter and my girlfriend at the time was worth it. I both hate you and yet appreciate that you demonstrated how unfaithful she would have been. Yet how I wish things werent so painful.